Clinical Research Pathways works to improve health and well-being for all
by creating pathways to new medicines.

The 501(c)(3) organization develops programs that increase diversity in clinical research and expand access to experimental drugs. By opening access and advancing treatments, Clinical Research Pathways helps make new, effective medicines available to the public.

Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials Through Innovative Programs

Clinical trials have a powerful impact on public health.

They drive innovations in treatment and, for some patients, improve access to healthcare. In fact, studies suggest that populations that are underrepresented in clinical research tend to receive poorer healthcare and have worse health outcomes.

Clinical Research Pathways develops innovative programs to address inequities by improving diversity in clinical trials.

Our programs encourage minorities to participate in appropriate clinical trials. We reach out to patients through trusted primary care providers who are trained as clinical investigators. Enrolling qualified minority patients gives them the opportunity to share in the benefits of the research results. Increasing diversity helps ensure that study results apply to all segments of the population.

Helping Desperately Ill Patients Get Access to Experimental Medicines

Clinical Research Pathways works with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) expanded access process.

Our goal is to enable desperately ill patients to access experimental treatments—without causing undue harm to them or jeopardizing drug development for future patients.

We help simplify the approval process.

We do that by providing educational materials and training to institutional review boards (IRBs) and physicians.

As a resource on expanded access, we help patients, physicians, and IRBs use the approval process, understand new “right-to-try” legislation, and take advantage of FDA options that create access for larger groups of patients. Click to view additional resources.

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