In 2016, a record $390 billion was contributed to charities by individuals, corporations and foundations in the United States, making America the most generous nation in the world.

This giving spirit is reflective of Americans across socio-economic lines, with almost one-third of contributions directed to religious organizations and 20% directed to health and human services organizations.

People give for many reasons, including a desire to return or share their own good fortune, to gain status among peers and to support a particular’s charity’s work because they value the social goal of that organization. Recent research from Stanford demonstrates that giving is rooted in culture and that people give when similar emotions and cultural values are shared.

Like all 501 (c) 3 organizations, WCGF relies on funds from our donors to achieve our mission.  This year, our 3-Reasons to Give campaign asks our supporters to choose the WCGF priority that is the most meaningful to them: compassion, inclusion, education.

As 2017 draws to a close, millions of Americans are considering their year-end charitable contributions. These donations will support children’s causes, endangered species, the arts, and medical research ethics. Much of the good done in the United States is due to the generosity of its citizens and their desire to make change tomorrow or ten years from now.

WCG Foundation is grateful for the opportunity given to us by that generosity of spirit.  With your continued generosity, we will continue to advance compassion, education and inclusion in medical research.