Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to live a healthy life. That’s our goal—health equity for all.

Yet many Americans are more likely to suffer from diseases or medical conditions because of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or social or economic factors. These disparities take a significant toll throughout the lives of those affected. We see the results in school and job performance, on physical and emotional health and, too often, in shorter life spans.

All of us have a role to play in reducing disparities and advancing health equity. At Clinical Research Pathways, we focus on opening access and advancing treatments for everyone. Our signature effort, “Training Minority Clinical Teams: Getting New Quality Medicines to All Americans,” tackles health disparities head-on by removing significant barriers to minority participation in clinical research.

The program targets two disparities: underrepresentation of minorities among the ranks of clinical investigators and among clinical trial participants. We seek to rectify both inequities by training and mentoring minority physicians to serve as clinical investigators. They, in turn, will recruit minority patients, giving them access to appropriate clinical trials and potential medical advances.

Clinical Research Pathways launched the program in Georgia with partners from Morehouse School of Medicine. We believe the program is an important step in the right direction—one that will give underrepresented populations access to clinical trials and help ensure that future medications better meet the needs of minority patients.

We invite you to take that step with us by supporting Clinical Research Pathways and our health equity efforts in the months to come.