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For heart attack patients unwilling to enroll in traditional rehabilitation programs, what could be a good alternative?

The American Heart Association has recently reported a study in which patients who have suffered a heart attack, and were unwilling or unable to enroll in cardiac rehabilitation programs, had success with tai chi. Those in the group of patients who were attending tai chi practices more often performed more moderate-to-vigorous physical activity over a […]

2017-11-07T12:22:02-05:00November 24, 2017|General|

Panel of experts, including WCGF Executive Director Marjorie A. Speers, discuss Right to Try bill at Patient Centered Oncology Care 2017 meeting

Published November 17, 2017 by HCA News

“Marjorie A. Speers, Executive Director of the WCG Foundation, also had problems with Right to Try laws. Under the existing system, the process encourages deliberate decisions: first, the patient and their physician decide they want to pursue a drug undergoing clinical trial; then, they request that access from the […]

2018-07-02T14:51:59-04:00November 17, 2017|News|

Can expanded access give insight into the future success or failure of a new treatment?

As patients who are receiving treatments via expanded access for diseases are outside of the controlled environment of a clinical trial, their experiences may be considered to be more “real-world.” A multi-national chart review has shown that the success of treatments given through expanded access was mirrored in clinical trials, then after approval and mass […]

2017-11-07T12:22:07-05:00November 17, 2017|General|

Could wider inclusion of minority patients in clinical trials actually lower the cost of healthcare overall?

Lack of accurate data regarding potential side effects or differences in effectiveness in treatments between white Americans and patients of different ethnic backgrounds often leads to less affordable options of care. When drugs have been studied, and minorities left out, treatments that are less effective could lead to greater numbers of hospitalizations, driving up the […]

2017-11-07T12:22:35-05:00November 10, 2017|General|

New Waiver in IRB Process Speeds FDA Single Patient Expanded Access Approval; Updated Information available on WCGF website.

On October 3, 2017, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, testified before the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce. He announced a significant change to the way that IRB may review single patient expanded access request involving investigational drugs or biologics.

This change, which permits an IRB chair or designee to […]

2018-05-25T16:30:55-04:00November 8, 2017|General|

WCG Foundation receives $50,000 from Johnson & Johnson

PRINCETON, N.J. Nov. 7, 2017—WCG Foundation has received $50,000 from Johnson & Johnson to help desperately ill patients get access to experimental medicines.

The gift supports WCGF’s efforts to help patients navigate the Food and Drug Administration’s expanded access program, which makes investigational drugs available to patients who have exhausted all other treatment and clinical trial options.

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2018-05-25T16:30:55-04:00November 7, 2017|News|

What can a new atlas of DNA tell us about genetic probabilities?

Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have completed an atlas of human DNA that influence gene expression. Gene expression is shown through observable traits like eye color or disease risk; this research has shown how some genes are turned off and on. Previously, such information was not available at this scale. However, […]

2017-11-07T12:22:28-05:00November 3, 2017|General|
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