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[Scientific Journal Article] Executive Director Marjorie A. Speers, Ph.D., Discusses Advantages and Disadvantages of Clinical Trials and Expanded Access

Review Article published in “Pharmaceutical Medicine”


This review article considers two alternative options to standard treatment for desperately ill patients when standard treatments are no longer working: clinical trials and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) expanded access program. The article describes the history of drug regulation in the United States, pointing out that the clinical […]

2019-03-24T17:15:07-04:00March 22, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Kidney Disease and Colorectal Cancer: To Prevent Health Disparities, Early Detection Is Key

March is National Kidney Month and National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. On the surface, these two designations appear to have little in common. In fact, however, like many conditions, kidney disease and colorectal cancer disproportionately affect members of minority populations.

With both conditions, early detection is key. For colorectal cancer, early detection saves lives. Yet many […]

2019-04-16T09:56:06-04:00March 18, 2019|General|

[Guest Post] Compassion and Safety Drive FDA Expanded Access Program

Today’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded access pathway has its roots in a 1970s decision to make investigational new drugs (INDs) available to some cancer patients who did not qualify for clinical trials. Although no official policy was enacted, FDA allowed the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to distribute “Group C” drugs to oncologists to […]

2019-03-26T19:57:30-04:00March 4, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Raising Awareness of Rare Diseases

What if your child had a rare disease that threatened to significantly shorten his or her life? That’s the reality for nearly 15 million U.S. children and their families.

Worldwide, more than 300 million people, including 25 million to 30 million Americans, have been diagnosed with a rare disease—a condition defined as affecting fewer than 200,000 […]

2019-02-28T09:07:46-04:00February 28, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Disparities in Heart Health

The nation’s No. 1 killer is even more deadly for African Americans

February has been designated American Heart Month to help raise awareness that heart disease is the nation’s No. 1 killer.

February also is Black History Month, perhaps the ideal time to call attention to the fact that heart disease can be especially deadly for African […]

2019-04-16T09:58:12-04:00February 19, 2019|General|

[Guest Post] A Blessing and a Curse: Our Story About Cancer Treatment and Survivorship

My husband and I will never forget the day we were told that our 15-year-old son, Steven, had stage IV osteosarcoma (bone cancer). It was every parent’s nightmare—and the start of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Our response to the diagnosis was typical. We were numb and filled with fear. Ten months later, after rigorous chemotherapy, radiation, […]

2019-03-26T19:58:13-04:00February 5, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Risk of Glaucoma Varies with Race, Ethnicity

Each year at this time, the U.S. marks National Glaucoma Awareness Month to get Americans to focus on the disease that’s the leading cause of irreversible blindness. More than 3 million Americans have glaucoma, and many of those affected don’t even know it. That’s because you can lose up to 40 percent of your sight […]

2019-04-16T10:00:22-04:00January 22, 2019|General|

[Guest Post] Diversity in Clinical Trials: Preparing Physicians to Make a Difference

The U.S. has become increasingly diverse, yet that diversity is not reflected in the clinical trials that play a key role in which new medicines are approved and, ultimately, prescribed to the general public. Because of this underrepresentation, much of what we know about new medicines—including their effectiveness and potential side effects—might not apply to […]

2019-03-26T19:58:32-04:00January 8, 2019|General|
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