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[Blog Post] How Diversity Achieves Health Equity

This #GivingTuesday, help us advance health equity

Everyone should benefit from clinical trials. But because some racial and ethnic groups are underrepresented in clinical research, they might benefit less.

Most of today’s medicines and other therapies are based on data obtained primarily from white clinical trial […]

2019-12-02T13:00:06-05:00December 2, 2019|General|

Let’s make new medicines work for everyone

Almost every medicine you take has been tested beforehand in a clinical trial. But if you’re not white or male, there’s a good chance people like you were not included in the trial group—so the trial results might not apply. Maybe a different dose or a different medicine would be more effective.

We can’t be confident […]

2019-11-18T17:02:32-05:00November 18, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Lung Cancer Takes Higher Toll on Black Americans

Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and the leading cause of cancer deaths among U.S. men and women. The news is even worse for black Americans, who are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to get—and die from—lung cancer.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a time to call attention to […]

2019-11-04T16:43:34-05:00November 4, 2019|General|

[Forbes Article] Diversity Is Severely Lacking Among Clinical Trial Participants — How Can We Solve This Problem?

Article published in “Forbes”

Written by Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, with reference to Clinical Research Pathways

Rigorous clinical trials are key to ensuring that newly developed drugs and treatments are both safe and effective for patients. Success in trials gives researchers, regulatory bodies, and patients reason to believe that a drug or […]

2019-10-15T18:25:41-04:00October 15, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] Increasing Awareness of Breast Cancer And Breast Cancer Disparities

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when individuals and organizations around the globe call attention to the most common cancer in women worldwide (excluding skin cancers in the U.S.).

Approximately 1 in 8 American women, or 13%, will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Approximately 1 in 39, or 3%, will die from […]

2019-10-07T15:04:25-04:00October 7, 2019|General|

[Blog Post] How Race Affects Prostate Cancer Risk

One in nine American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes. For African Americans, the risk is higher: one in six. In addition, African American men:

  • Are more than twice as likely to die from prostate cancer as white men.
  • Get prostate cancer at a younger age.
  • Tend to be diagnosed when their cancer is […]
2019-09-23T19:13:44-04:00September 23, 2019|General|

Clinical Research Pathways Submits Comments on FDA Draft Guidance on Diversity in Clinical Trials

Marjorie A. Speers, Ph.D., executive director of Clinical Research Pathways, recently submitted comments on FDA draft guidance on enhancing the diversity of clinical trial populations. The comments reflect Clinical Research Pathways’ commitment to enrolling more minority patients in clinical research. If the demographic mix of clinical trial participants mirrors that of […]

2019-09-09T19:29:49-04:00September 9, 2019|News|
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