Dianabol(Dbol) Review: Enlisting the Results, Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives

Anabolic steroids have become the realities of the fitness circuit when they aren’t actually perpetuating a sense of prolonged well-being. However, amid a plethora of choices, Dbol comes across as one of the more potent products for bodybuilders, best characterized by fat loss and muscle gain. 

In this article, we will look at one such anabolic steroid named “Dianabol.” This article will cover different components of Dbol, and it will help you provide proper knowledge about it.

This Androgenic Anabolic Steroid shows results in the shortest time frame and boosts your workouts, almost instantaneously. 

D-Bal: Best Legal Alternative

  • One of the fastest ways to pack muscle mass.
  •  Leads to massive strength gains.
  • Improves muscle tone.

One Line Analysis: Extremely, popular, potent,  and orally administered steroid, best recognized as a bulking agent with pronounced liver-centric side effects!

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol, better known as Methandrostenolone in the chemical world, is termed as a vastly potent and effective steroid. This oral steroid received a lot of accolades for its easy availability, simplified oral administration, and extraordinary muscle gains.

Individuals were inclined towards steroids similar to Dianabol as they enhanced physical performances while amplifying fat loss and energy gains. However, increased popularity led to abuse, and this steroid was rightfully banned across several states.

That said, this Dianabol discussion is way more than just projecting the side effects. We feel that if Dianabol is used in moderation, it can result in massive size, strength, and stamina gains with minimal risks as this product increases the overall testosterone levels and minimizes estrogenic build-up while being used.

In a summary, Dianabol is a cheap and oral steroid that is a hit among beginners. However, careful administration is the key to using this product.

How Dianabol Works?

Dianabol, being one of the steroids with anabolic properties, helps improve the rate of internal protein synthesis. The process of muscle building can be attributed to amplified protein synthesis levels courtesy of increased nitrogen retention.

Once you take the product based pills, they break inside the body and help increase the nitrogen levels within. The androgenic anabolic steroid pairs perfectly with the body composition and help speed up nitrogen retention within the developing muscles via the bloodstream (2)(3). The process doesn’t end there as the bloodstream nitrogen pushes RBCs into the body tissues. This eventually leads to better pumps.

How Dianabol Affects Your Body?

Now that you know how Dianabol works inside the body, it is time to analyze the effects of this steroid. With muscles getting a continued supply of nitrogen and red blood cells, they reach the tissues and eventually break into proteins. Proteins, the building blocks of muscle, get picked up at a rapid pace.

This starts a chain of aerobic digestion (4), and the body gets into an anabolic stage. This is how this AAS affects the body and aids in muscle building. As the physique gets stronger and beefier, strength levels also get a boost.

Nevertheless, most anabolic steroids follow the same pathway and higher protein consumption is, therefore, a must. 


Dianabol benefits

If you are considering this popular anabolic steroid, it is necessary to first look for the existing set of benefits:

1. Increase in Fat Loss Levels

This compound interacts with the body, and the biochemical process kicks off thermogenesis (5)(6), which may result in rapid weight loss. Increased metabolism is yet another positive effect of this compound, and this also aids in fat loss.

2. Increased  Mass

As mentioned previously, the nitrogen retention within the body allows the tissue to pick up additional protein. This makes way for better muscle gain and the development of well-toned muscle mass.

3. Improved  Definition

Dianabol helps your physique achieve the desired tonality while improving athletic performances. The impact of Dianabol is felt across the musculoskeletal system, which makes way for a more toned physique.

4. Strength Gains and Stamina Development

Running a steroid cycle is synonymous with stamina development and may help you churn out some effective workout sessions, as you get stronger with time.

5. Increased Testosterone

Dianabol increases the synthesis of tissue protein (7) and eventually boosts testosterone production levels. This works in the form of a cascading mechanism and helps you pack some more, high-quality muscles.

6. Reduced Tiredness and Fatigue

Even if you are putting in several hours at the gym, Dianabol may help keep stamina levels intact. The booster mechanism offers bouts of energy, if and when the person is feeling low and readily supplements the cardiovascular training processes.

7. Increased Mental Focus

Consuming compounds similar to methandrostenolone increase testosterone levels, which may improve focus, especially when the person is at the gym.

8. Better Pumps

Dbol may accelerate the production of red blood cells within the body, which in turn carries the nitrogen along. Increased RBC production may eventually result in better pumps

The Concept behind a Steroid Cycle

Before we start talking about popular Dianabol cycles, we need to understand how effective it is for weight gain when used in a discretionary manner. 

Most importantly, we also need to understand that dbol must be taken in the form of a regulated cycle, courtesy of the shortest possible half-life of the same, i.e., somewhere in the ballpark of 5 hours. To start with, the best form of dbol usage is to divide the dose uniformly throughout the day. Therefore, the best cycle for intermediate to advanced athletes and bodybuilders is a 30mg to 50mg dosage per day.

To make the best use of this compound, you need to take it with meals. This approach minimizes the ill-effects on the liver. As an athlete, you can divide the 30 to 40mg dosage into smaller bits across the day, based on your preferences and meal timings.

A standard dbol cycle continues for at least 4 to at max 6 weeks due to chances of liver toxicity . Due to this loophole Dianabol must be paired with testoviron or any form of testosterone propionate (1) to enhance the effects. 

When to consider Dianabol?

While we mostly urge our readers to refrain from anabolic steroids similar to Dianabol, professional athletes and bodybuilders are better equipped when it comes to handling the dosage and diverse side-effects of the same.

Due to myriad side-effects you should never take or consider Dianabol. Then again, even if you do, consult an expert and account for the legal threats and dosage, beforehand. However, we would still stress upon the fact that using steroids for building a decent physique is never justified.

Dbol Side-Effects

There are a high number of health-based side effects of dianabol to account for. Before we delve into the details, we must understand that like any other anabolic steroid, even dianabol requires a PCT, to flush out the steroid toxins and minimize the estrogenic developments within the body.

Skin-related Issues

Dianabol, like any other steroid, facilitates acne development. As the skin becomes oilier than usual upon prolonged usage, the breakouts are common. Acnes are mostly seen on the forehead, chest, and back. Once the cycle is over, it takes a while to get rid of the acne.

Male Pattern Baldness

Dianabol is one of the many anabolic steroids that pave the way for DHT derivatives, despite a controlled dosage. This aspect is bound to cause hair thinning and ‘male pattern’ baldness in men.

Unwanted Hair Growth

Although DHT negatively impacts the scalp hair, it leads to unprecedented hair growth on the body and facial regions.

Water Retention

As Dianabol is a synthetic agent, mainly used for bulking, water retention and bloating are commonly experienced. You might experience water retention on the face, given a puffy feel at times. Try drinking more water to combat this issue.

Liver Risks

Prolonged usage of Dianabol might lead to prolonged liver damage. Unlike steroids that are injected and directly enter the bloodstream, Dianabol is first broken down by the liver. Continued usage or running consecutive cycles can seriously impair the organ by putting way too much pressure on it.


Once the cycle is over, the body takes a long time to return to the baseline testosterone levels. However, as the hormonal stability is distorted, the body starts producing estrogen in excess, thereby leading to the development of breast tissues in men.

Legality and Availability

Firstly, you need to understand that Dianabol isn’t a legal commodity and has been banned by the governing authorities, including  FDA, IOC, and WADA. The strong chemical composition and lasting side-effects of this drug, including blood pressure, hypertension, and more, made sure it isn’t legal in the US or even in most parts of the world. However, in the case of exclusive medical usage, there are slim chances of procuring this, in a legal way. 

Any medicinal treatment using this compound has been discontinued, lately. The only way you can get your hands on Dianabol is via the black market. While several individuals are using the same on a personal level, professional usage is prohibited, and there are chances of getting disbarred or even prosecuted if the compound is found present in the blood.

Safe Dbol Alternatives, if any

If you have been searching extensively for safe and orally administrable anabolic steroids, it is advisable to look for a natural alternative to Dianabol. D-BAL from Crazybulk is one such product that has garnered massive popularity, of late.

D-BAL is a lot safer as compared to the dbol and offers a comparable muscle-building environment to most athletes and bodybuilders. Besides offering several benefits when it comes to muscle development, weight loss, and strength enhancement, D-BAL aims at minimizing the side effects to zero, despite following the recommended dosage. 

From a compositional perspective, D-BAL comprises herbs, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other naturally occurring constituents. This is what makes D-BAL completely safe and cent per cent legal. 

How effective is D-BAL to a First Time User?

Martin says: While I was initially sceptical about using this product, the end results were nothing short of miraculous. The powerful Dianabol replicating formula gave me the strength of an uncaged lion, sans any side-effect. I had a talk with the Crazybulk executives who made me aware of the new formula and the substantiated company claims regarding 700 percent better results. I gained almost 8lbs after using the same for 8 weeks.

Merek says: As I used Dianabol early in my life, I can relate perfectly to the results featured by D-BAL. If I were to compare, D-BAL is capable of showing the same set of positive attributes but with minimal risks. I did gain a lot of size with D-BAL, but as it increases the natural testosterone levels, the diet needs to be perfect if you are looking to reap all the benefits.

Dianabol FAQs

Q1. Will Dianabol be as effective without going to the gym?

A1. Despite enhanced potency and a result-oriented approach, this compound isn’t magical. Therefore, you cannot expect to grow big and muscular if you aren’t considering strength training on an advanced scale.

Q2. Can this Anabolic Steroid be purchased legally?

A2. Dianabol isn’t legal as a performance-enhancing substance but is often regarded as a controlled legal substance in Europe, Mexico, and the U.S, provided the procurement is strictly advised on the medical grounds and that too with a proper prescription.

Q3. Is dbol a good and effective steroid?

A3. If you are only concerned about effectiveness, this is a highly potent AAS that can easily help you achieve the dream physique within weeks, provided you pair the same with advanced diet and training. However, we wouldn’t tag it as good due to the diverse threats it poses to your health. 

Q4. How quickly can I see the results?

A4. With an excellent diet and workout regime, you can start seeing more than decent results by the 4th week itself.

Q5. What is the best dbol bulking stack in the market?

A5. Before you consider taking this, pair the same with testosterone. To simplify further, the best dbol stack in the market is always paired with injectable steroids. As the methandienone starts tapering off, testosterone starts kicking in and helps keep the gains intact to a significant level.

If you are looking for additional muscle gain, you can stack dbol with Oxandrolone or Nandrolone. Stacking it with other compounds minimizes liver toxicity and the side-effects.


Overall, this article-based review suggests that despite the enhanced muscle developing potency of Dianabol, steroids similar to these should never be taken, courtesy of the high risks that come along. Instead, bodybuilders looking for safer supplements can opt for D-BAL, a natural product that builds muscles sans any undesirable activity.