Our Partners

Like most ambitious undertakings, increasing diversity in clinical trials will require a team effort. Already, Clinical Research Pathways has partnered with two key healthcare organizations in Georgia: Morehouse School of Medicine and WellStar Health System.

In both cases, our goal is to lay the foundation for efforts that can be replicated nationwide—by Clinical Research Pathways and other organizations that share our commitment to increasing minority participation in clinical trials so new medicines will be effective for all patients regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity.

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)

As our first significant partner, MSM helped launch Clinical Research Pathways’ signature program, Training Minority Clinical Teams: Getting New Quality Medicines to All Americans. During the program’s first year, six minority physicians were recruited and trained as clinical investigators. In 2020, they will begin enrolling minority patients and conducting clinical trials.

WellStar Health System

In December 2019, we began collaborating with WellStar Health System—one of Georgia’s largest health systems—to increase diversity in oncology clinical trials and help ensure that new cancer medicines are effective for patients of all races and ethnicities. Together, we are developing strategies to enroll more minority patients in oncology trials and strengthen the minority clinical investigator workforce that’s essential to patient recruitment.