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Do Testosterone Boosters Work and Are They Safe to Use?

If the search for credible testosterone boosters keeps you up at night, stop fretting as you have company! With testosterone attributed to muscle development and increased sex drive, the search for natural boosters or supplements is common, especially among fitness enthusiasts and ageing individuals.

However, most of us are worried about the efficacy of testosterone boosters and often contemplate side effects and safety issues. It needs to be understood that boosting testosterone via natural products and supplements is cent percent safe and extremely effective if paired with a clean diet, strength training, and proper sleep.

In the subsequent sections, we shall delve deep into the different forms of testosterone boosters while talking about their effectiveness, administration, natural uptake strategies, and even safety issues.

Supplemental vs. Natural Testosterone Boosters

Lower testosterone levels aren’t always related to age. Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, increased sugar intake, lack of dietary Zinc, and obesity are also some of the more apparent reasons for fast-depleting testosterone levels. However, from a broader perspective, there are two ways of increasing elemental testosterone levels.

The first process involves the administration of supplemental testosterone or anabolic androgenic compounds, mostly prescribed by doctors to treat issues related to erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. However, these boosters are synthetically derived and therefore characterized by several side-effects, including male-pattern baldness due to DHT build-up, permanent infertility, heart attacks, and more. Moreover, usage of anabolic steroids or compounds that target the androgenic receptors within the body for reasons other the medical is strictly prohibited.

Therefore, supplemental testosterone-like pills and gels or synthetically produced anabolic compounds, which are even injected at times, are useful. Still, they show results at the cost of your physical well-being.

Natural testosterone boosters, however, contain organically derived compounds and function differently. The more common versions include Testosterone powders, which are concocted out of herbs and natural substances while increasing the testosterone levels in ageing and recovering individuals.

Testosterone Boosters: Effectiveness and Administration

Most of the packaged testosterone boosters in the market are nothing but a precisely calibrated mix of the primary testosterone boosting elements or products. However, the concentration and dosage mostly aren’t potent enough to facilitate a substantial boost in the existing levels. Therefore, it is more plausible to single out individual substances and use them as dietary supplements for better results.

One of the most effective substances, if and when taken in isolation, is D-Aspartic acid. This is a naturally occurring amino acid with a stipulated dosage of 2 to 3 grams daily. D-Aspartic acid directly targets the Leydig cells and increases the FSH, which in turn enhances testosterone production.

Vitamin D is yet another natural testosterone booster, which is quite useful if the daily uptake is more than 3000 IU. As it is a fat-soluble, naturally produced entity, you can also increase uptake by consuming nuts or exposing yourself to sunlight for more extended periods. Tribulus Terrestris is yet another herbal testosterone enhancer, best known for its role in improving sexual health.

If you are strictly into dietary hacks to improve the existing or depleted testosterone levels, consider having Fenugreek.

Most researchers attribute Fenugreek’s usefulness to increased strength and fat loss, some of the common signs if the testosterone levels are on the higher side. Another dietary inclusion is ginger, with effects best exploited by infertile men.

Apart from that, you can also consider consuming zinc-rich food items to boost the existing levels. In its elemental form, Zinc works as an aphrodisiac. It works best when paired with Vitamin D. Ashwagandha, or the famed Withania Somnifera is also a testosterone boosting substance via the adaptogenic capabilities. Prolonged secretion of cortisol can negatively impact testosterone levels, and Ashwagandha calms the mind by lowering stress, and therefore cortisol production.

Black Asphaltum or Shilajit is another testosterone amplifying product that is entirely natural and can boost testosterone by almost 20 percent, provided the purest form is used.

Less Invasive Hormonal Boosters

While anabolic steroids can have catastrophic effects, you can still opt for the naturally producing option, i.e., DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone, to boost testosterone significantly. As it is a hormone naturally produced by adrenal glands, it is still considered comparatively safer.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe, Especially in the Long Run?

Most over-the-counter or packaged testosterone boosters have smaller quantities of many or all of the mentioned entities. However, unlike synthetic compounds, which negatively impact the HPA axis and reduce natural production after a certain point of time, the natural boosters are mostly safe to consume.

Moreover, most of these natural testosterone boosters, including DHEA, offer incremental perks that do not interfere with the body’s natural testosterone production abilities. That said, if you exceed the dosage of these natural boosters, only mild side effects are encountered, including nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting. Therefore, most of these non-anabolic products can be used for prolonged periods, with minimal to absolutely zero side-effects.

When to consider Testosterone Boosters?

As mentioned previously, several reasons lead to lower testosterone levels. While we did mention the more generic ones, some of the more pressing factors include post steroid cycles, and extensive administration of corticosteroids, to treat autoimmune diseases. Therefore, these testosterone boosters can be quite a handful in post-cycle therapies or for getting the levels up to the baseline, upon completion of the corticosteroid cycle.

Go Slow while considering a Testosterone Boost!!!

Testosterone is a magical hormone that is directly related to a sense of wellness in men. Be it developing muscle mass or experiencing higher libido, and testosterone has a definite role to play when it comes to enhancing manhood, in one way or another.

Therefore, natural boosters are excellent choices for incrementally increasing testosterone levels without aiming for the zenith at once. As a rule of hand, every individual looking to improve upon the current testosterone levels must start with the natural boosters instead of going for supplemental testosterone, anabolic androgenic compounds, or testosterone replacement therapies.