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Foods that help in increasing testosterone

Testosterone is a major hormone in the male body. It is extremely important for every kind of system like muscular, cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and most important reproductive. So, to keep your body healthy and a balanced Testosterone level, occasional workouts would not be enough.

If you are trying to increase your testosterone naturally, you should know that you need to make some major changes in your lifestyle and diet. It would be best if you ate better, exercise smarter, and get some good solid sleep. This being said, there is a certain kind of foods that help in increasing or boosting your Testosterone levels naturally. The best part is that they not only increase your testosterone levels, but they also enhance your overall health along with general well-being.

Here we have listed some of the most important foods

Milk (Low fat) 

Milk truly does help in building strong bones. It is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. It can also help men having low testosterone levels. Having said this, you ought to drink the right kind of milk. You should be selecting something that is skimmed milk or low fat and consists of vitamin D. These would have the same nutrient content of full fat or whole milk without the saturated fat.

Cereals (Fortified)

Cereals that are fortified with Vitamin D are also good. Most of these cereals are not only vitamin D fortified, but they are also designed in such a way that they boost a healthy heart. However, you ought to avoid those cereals which have high sugar content. Some skimmed milk or low-fat milk added to this cereal would be the best choice.

Porridge Oats are also a good alternative as they consist of vitamin B, which are testosterone boosters.


Cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and turnips help bring down estrogen levels and, in turn, help enhance Testosterone levels. These cruciferous veggies have a compound named indole-3 carbinol, which is transformed into estrogen that is safe for male bodies. Thus, this automatically helps the body in regulating Testosterone levels in an easier manner. This, in turn, helps in muscle mass, better energy levels, and losing weight.

Spinach has lots of magnesium, which also is essential for muscle development and reproduction. Magnesium binds to testosterone and helps in increasing low levels.


Anyone who wants to be healthy should be adding Pomegranates to their diet. It is not only tasty but has a lot of antioxidants, helps in improving circulation, and increases Testosterone levels. In fact, one study has shown that Testosterone levels can be increased by 24% if you eat Pomegranates constantly for two weeks.

Other citrus fruits like lemon are also extremely good for increasing testosterone levels. These lessen the cortisol levels, which help in turn in increasing testosterone levels. Lemons also have vitamin A which is much needed for testosterone production and in decreasing estrogen levels.

Egg yolk 

It is yet another great source of Vitamin D in egg yolks. Some people assume that eggs are high in cholesterol, leaving out the egg yolks and only eating the egg whites. But it is the egg yolks that have more nutrients as compared to the egg whites. This can, in fact, help those men who struggle with low levels of testosterone. You can eat one to three eggs every day (if you do not have high cholesterol).


Black, kidney, and white beans are known to have zinc and vitamin D. They also have plant-based protein, which helps with heart health. Baked beans can also be consumed as they are also a good choice for zinc and vitamin D.


Tuna has always been known to be extremely good for heart health. It is low in calories and rich in proteins. It also has vitamin D and has links with longevity and an increase in Testosterone levels. Other fish that contain vitamin D are cod, salmon, and tilapia. This being said, seafood must be consumed in moderation due to the mercury levels. Oysters are also a great source of protein and zinc. Those who have zinc deficiencies, in general, can add oysters to their diet. It also helps in Testosterone levels and thus should be especially consumed during puberty.

Seafood like crab, lobsters, are also a great way to bring in more zinc into your diet and thus help with your Testosterone levels.


Once again, red meat can be a health threat, especially for those with heart worries or cholesterol problems. However, if you consume the correct cut of lean or red meat, it can actually help with Testosterone levels. Chuck roast or ground beef is a good source of zinc. Beef liver is known to have a good quantity of vitamin D. Then again, everything needs to be consumed in moderation. It is best not to have beef on a daily basis. Rather, you could substitute different vegetables or proteins.


Garlic has allicin, a compound known to bring down Cortisol – a stress hormone. Cortisol is a testosterone competitor, and thus, when garlic is consumed, it helps in lowering Cortisol and, in turn, increases testosterone. However, this is more potent if consumed raw.


Honey contains a mineral called Boron, which is associated with high levels of testosterone. It also has nitric oxide, which helps in opening the blood vessels, which help in the bedroom.


Almonds have high levels of zinc. This is once again known to increase testosterone levels for those having zinc deficiencies. If you are deficient in zinc, then some of the key hormones are not released by the pituitary gland. And these are needed for the stimulation of testosterone production. Hence, you need to make sure that you regularly consume food rich in zinc.

We have just given you a simple list of foods that can help you with your Testosterone levels. It is up to you to create a balanced diet. You can also take suggestions from your physician and plan your meals accordingly.