Article published in “Forbes”

Written by Morris Panner, CEO of Ambra Health, with reference to Clinical Research Pathways

Rigorous clinical trials are key to ensuring that newly developed drugs and treatments are both safe and effective for patients. Success in trials gives researchers, regulatory bodies, and patients reason to believe that a drug or therapy will go on to help the general population with similar results.

But what if the clinical trials aren’t actually reflective of the general population? An unfortunate reality of clinical trials is that there is often a worrying lack of diversity among those participating.

“Most clinical research includes participants who are overwhelmingly white, non-Hispanic, and, until recently, male,” reports STAT. “For the most part, current medical therapies, as well as most of those in development, have been tested inadequately — or not at all — in women, children, older adults, individuals with multiple chronic conditions, low-income individuals, and racially and ethnically diverse populations.”

Although the general public may not be aware of the extent of the problem, this disturbing underrepresentation is well-known in the research community, which has been trying for some time to address the issue.

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