This week we announced that WCG Foundation is now Clinical Research Pathways. This new name better reflects—and communicates—our vision of opening access and advancing treatments. That’s important because it helps organizations, individuals, and foundations identify us as potential partners who share a commitment to expanding access to investigational drugs and promoting inclusion in clinical research.

What’s changed and what’s staying the same

Most of the changes involve the way we present ourselves: the new name and, soon, a new logo. Already, the Clinical Research Pathways name is on this website and our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and sign up to receive our latest news.

Although our name has changed, our vision and priorities remain the same.

We continue to

  • Help physicians and institutional review boards streamline FDA’s expanded access process to make it easier for desperately ill patients to try experimental medicines.
  • Work with government officials and drug development companies to make information about expanded access readily available to patients and their physicians.
  • Seek to increase opportunities for people to benefit from clinical research regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, or gender.
  • Strive, with our partners in healthcare, academia, government, and industry, to increase diversity by reducing barriers to research participation and engagement.
  • Provide a pathway to research participation and, ultimately, to better health.

We believe our new name better positions us to deliver on these goals and to launch complementary efforts. We’re excited at the prospect of these additional opportunities and we invite you to join us—as partners and supporters—as we continue opening access and advancing treatments.

Marjorie A. Speers, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Clinical Research Pathways