WCG Foundation receives $50,000 from Johnson & Johnson

Gift helps desperately ill patients who want to try experimental medicines

PRINCETON, N.J. Nov. 7, 2017—WCG Foundation has received $50,000 from Johnson & Johnson to help desperately ill patients get access to experimental medicines.

The gift supports WCGF’s efforts to help patients navigate the Food and Drug Administration’s expanded access program, which makes investigational drugs available to patients who have exhausted all other treatment and clinical trial options.

Since doctors must request expanded access for their patients, WCGF also offers webinars and other training to help treating physicians understand their role in the process. The Johnson & Johnson gift supports these education efforts, as well.

“Most patients—and many physicians—are unfamiliar with the expanded access program until it’s their last option,” WCFG Executive Director Marjorie Speers said. “With support from Johnson & Johnson, we can continue to provide critical assistance and compassion at a time when patients and their families often feel they have nowhere else to turn.”

To receive drugs through the expanded access program, patients must get approval from the drug manufacturer, FDA, and an institutional review board. Although FDA approves the vast majority of expanded access requests, the process can seem daunting to patients.

New FDA guidance, announced in October, helps shorten the process by allowing IRB approval by an IRB chairperson or designee instead of the full board. WCGF supports such changes and collaborates with IRBs to further streamline the process. The foundation also works with government officials and drug development companies to make information about experimental drugs easily available to patients and their physicians.

A public charity, WCGF is committed to improving lives by delivering on the promise of clinical research. In addition to helping patients with expanded access, WCGF seeks to increase opportunities for people to benefit from clinical research regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, age or gender. The foundation also supports education in research ethics to ensure that research involving humans is conducted safely and ethically, and puts research participants first.

About WCG Foundation: An independent public charity, WCGF focuses on increasing opportunities for people to benefit from the advances made possible by clinical research. The foundation helps desperately ill patients get expanded access to experimental treatments, seeks to increase minority participation in clinical trials, and improve research ethics education to ensure that clinical trials are conducted safely and ethically. For more information, go to www.wcgfoundation.org.



Mark Marchand
Marchand Strategic Communications