When someone is diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness and they have exhausted standard treatments, it’s important to know that there are still options. Two important options are clinical trials and expanded access to experimental products. At Clinical Research Pathways, our role is to help individuals learn about clinical trials and help guide them through FDA’s Expanded Access program. The path to these options can feel overwhelming, but it does not need to be so difficult. We have put together a document that provides a simple, concise overview of these options. It also answers frequently asked questions and offers guidance for navigating the process. At the end, we have included a glossary with definitions of terms with which patients or their families may be unfamiliar.

Even if this does not apply to you directly, we are asking your help in sharing this document:

  • Physicians, share this with your patients as supplemental literature.
  • Professors, share this with your students to help them gain a patient’s perspective on the steps after standard treatment options have been exhausted.
  • Voluntary Health Organizations, share this with patients seeking advice or more information. Feel free to copy to download the PDF version to embed on your website.

To download the print ready brochure, click here.

To download the PDF version, click here.

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