Published March 19, 2018 by The American Journal of Managed Care

The right-to-try bill, which suffered a surprise 259-140 defeat in the House of Representatives last week, is scheduled for another vote this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

On Monday, the House Committee on Rules was scheduled to meet late in the day to change the procedure so that it could be passed with just a simple majority, rather than a two-thirds majority, and this time approval seems likely.

Last week, AJMC spoke with Marjorie A. Speers, PhD, executive director of the WCG Foundation, a public charity that works to ensure experimental medicines to very ill patients under the FDA’s current expanded access and compassionate use programs. Speers has previously participated on a panel on this subject at AJMC‘s Patient-Centered Oncology Care meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Speers told AJMC she did not think the bill added much beyond the FDA’s current expanded access program

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