In the human body, testosterone is a sexual hormone produced more in men and less in women. The testicle is an organ that results in the production of testosterone among males. Often, men’s appearances change according to the levels of testosterone. It results in the stimulation of sexual desire and sperm production. Also, it plays a vital role in building mass and muscle strength. With age, there is a reduction of testosterone levels in men. In some studies, it is out that two men from a group of 10 above 60s face a reduced level of testosterone production. It changes by a slight increase in 3 men from 10 at 70-80 years.

With a decrease in testosterone levels than the regular classes, men might experience several symptoms. Generally, low T (testosterone) can be a condition wherein the levels go down from 300ng/dl. As per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), an average testosterone level lies between 300-1000ng/dl. With a “serum testosterone blood test,” it is possible to decide regarding testosterone’s present levels circulating in the body. If there is a drastic drop-down in testosterone levels, several symptoms can occur. Subtle signs of low testosterone are present.

Check out the 8 Sings in men with low testosterone levels below:

Reduced desire for sex:

Men who have lower levels of testosterone experienced an intense desire for sexual activity. Generally, sex drive decreases when getting older. But it is also low testosterone that results in such a symptom. Testosterone is a vital factor that results in men’s libido. After ageing, some men might lose the desire for sex. And with the reduced levels of testosterone, men will face a drop-down in sexual desire.

Reduced mass in bones:

Women often experience bone mass thinning or osteoporosis. It is a condition wherein bone mass reduces. Though men also experience bone mass thinning due to lower levels of testosterone. With the production of testosterone, it results in bone strengthening and mass build-up. So, men experiencing lower levels of testosterone develop a low volume of bones. As a result, older men might even face fractures and bone mass reduction.

Increasing fat in the body:

Another sign of lower testosterone levels is increasing fat in the body. Notably, men might even face enlarging of breast tissues or gynecomastia. It is an effect that might occur because of unbalanced estrogens and testosterone in men.

Muscle mass reduction:

Often, people are aware that higher levels of testosterone are beneficial in strengthening muscle and building mass. With the reduction in testosterone levels, it might happen the opposite—lower testosterone reduces muscle mass.

Erection problems:

Along with stimulation in sexual desire among men, low testosterone also impacts maintaining a proper erection. Testosterone levels result in erection problems, but it acts as a receptor stimulator in the brain, resulting in nitric oxide production. In the human body, nitric oxide results in triggering chemical reactions crucial for maintaining an erection. With the reduced levels of testosterone, men might face difficulties in maintaining an erection. However, testosterone is the main factor that can be beneficial in aiding erection.

Apart from testosterone, erection problems might occur due to several health issues such as:

  • High level of cholesterol
  • Smoking or drinking habits
  • High level of blood pressure
  • Thyroid condition
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health disorders
  • Anxiety issues

Lower energy levels and fatigue:

Men who develop lower than average testosterone levels are likely to experience a decrease in levels of energy and fatigue problems. If you feel tired throughout the day after sleeping for adequate hours, it might be a low testosterone problem.

Reduced hair production:

In different functions of the human body, testosterone is an essential factor. Apart from other factors, testosterone also impacts men’s appearances, such as the production of hair. Many men might even experience a balding problem that occurs naturally. But apart from balding, men with lower levels of testosterone also start losing hair from the face and body.

Semen reduction:

In men, semen production links with testosterone levels. Semen is a milky-like fluid that is beneficial in aiding sperm motility. Men with low testosterone face a reduction in semen volume at the time of ejaculation. It might even impact the quality of semen in men.

If you are facing any of these symptoms above, you can consult with a doctor for medical advice. You may also lookup to a natural testosterone booster for faster results, One of them in Testogen. We have made a detailed review you may want to check it out. 

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