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Does the high testosterone level helps in building muscle mass – Backed Up by Clinical studies

Testosterone is a sex hormone present in vertebrates and belongs to the group of androgen. For men, testosterone hormone production occurs in testicles. The production of testosterone occurs in the adrenal glands and ovaries of females. Among men, the testosterone hormone is a crucial one for the growth and development of masculine features. However, testosterone is present in a lower amount among women. During adulthood and adolescence, the production of testosterone raises more than 30 times. After a certain period when maturity comes to an end, testosterone levels start reducing per year. After the 30s, men might see a decline in testosterone by 1-2%.

Testosterone holds a vital role in muscle development and for other things, including:

  • Pubic and facial hair
  • Sexual drive
  • Mood
  • Life quality
  • Muscle mass
  • Bones
  • Thinking power
  • Memory
  • Voice change

Testosterone hormone is also responsible for building up muscle mass. With a leaner mass, it is beneficial in weight control and energy boost-up. Men having lower levels of testosterone might experience a lack of muscle growth. For increasing muscle strength and mass, testosterone levels play a vital role.

In muscle mass development, the testosterone hormone is an essential factor. The high levels of testosterone increase neurotransmitters, and it encourages the growth of tissues in the body as an outcome. Also, it comes in interaction with the receptors present in DNA that results in protein synthesis. In males, growth hormones also experience an increase with the high testosterone levels.

Testosterone hormone plays a primary role in reproductive tissue growth among males. It also enhances men’s sexual features, including body hair growth, bone development, and muscle mass building. The increase in testosterone improves bone density and informs the bones to produce RBC (red blood cells).

How high levels of testosterone link to muscle mass build-up?

Generally, androgens are known for protein synthesis promotion. Testosterone hormone comprises anabolic as well as androgenic properties. With the androgenic effects, one can experience beard growth, body hair growth, sex organ maturation, and voice changes. With the anabolic testosterone effects, one might experience muscle strengthening, muscle mass build-up, linear growth stimulation, and bone density growth.

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With the increased levels of testosterone, it results in building muscle strength and mass. But if you’re not doing any physical activity or lack adequate sleep, you won’t be able to strengthen and increase your muscle mass with the high levels of testosterone also. It is beneficial to accompany the increased testosterone levels with physical activity and quality sleep.