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May 23, 2018

WCG Foundation Is Now Clinical Research Pathways

New name reflects focus on expanded access and inclusion in research.

ATLANTA, Ga., May 23, 2018—WCG Foundation is now Clinical Research Pathways, a name that better reflects the public charity’s emphasis on expanding patient and physician access to investigational drugs and promoting inclusion in clinical research.

“Although our name has changed, our vision remains the same,” said Dr. Peter F. Buckley, chairperson, Clinical Research Pathways Board of Directors. “As Clinical Research Pathways, we will continue to focus on improving lives by opening access and advancing treatments.

“We look forward to building on existing efforts, launching new initiatives, and generating additional support with a name that helps communicate our objectives,” he added.

Clinical Research Pathways helps physicians and institutional review boards streamline the Food and Drug Administration’s expanded access process to make it easier for desperately ill patients to try experimental medicines. The 501(c)(3) organization also works with government officials and drug development companies to make information about expanded access readily available to patients and their physicians.

In addition, Clinical Research Pathways seeks to increase opportunities for people to benefit from clinical research regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, age or gender. With its partners in healthcare, academia, government and industry, Clinical Research Pathways strives to increase diversity by reducing barriers to research participation and engagement.

“When some populations are underrepresented in clinical research, they are less likely to benefit from the discoveries that result,” said Marjorie Speers, executive director, Clinical Research Pathways. “We seek to change that—to make clinical trials more equitable by reaching out to minority populations.

“As our new name indicates, we provide a pathway to research participation and, ultimately, to better health,” she said.

The name change is supported by communications efforts including a website (www.clinicalresearchpathways.org) and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds.


About Clinical Research Pathways: An independent public charity, Clinical Research Pathways focuses on opening access and advancing treatments. The 501(c)(3) organization helps desperately ill patients get expanded access to experimental treatments and seeks to increase minority participation in clinical trials. For more information, go to www.clinicalresearchpathways.org. To sign up to receive news, click here.


Mark Marchand
Clinical Research Pathways